The Ethics of Claiming New Routes – A Lesson Learned

A few good people with a lot more experience than myself have pointed out that my claim of a new route on the south face of Mt Hicks is in fact a variation to Central Gullies, rather than a first ascent, mainly because Matt and I didn’t top out, i.e. complete our route to the top of the face.  I fully accept this and have changed the previous post accordingly.

I am not interested in claiming a new route on dodgy ethics or arguing what constitutes a new route, and I certainly don’t want to annoy anyone as I realise now that the South Face of Mt Hicks has a lot of history.  My motivation is purely to climb mountains by the most difficult ways possible and to get other climbers psyched on this too, hence posting my ascents on a blog (of course its for the sponsors too).  I can also be a little overzealous at times, becoming too focussed on certain things like difficult technical climbing, and forgetting about the bigger picture.  But hopefully I have learned my lesson and will remember to follow through next time.  After all, mountain climbing is about the full experience, not just the tasty bits in between.  Happy climbing.


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