Cloudy Peak

I’ve heard it said that the rock on Cloudy Peak is as good as anything in the Darran’s, at least as far as alpine rock goes. And after my first trip there last weekend I’d have to agree. Steve Fortune and I did two routes in two days, Ytivarg (17, 250m) on the Hourglass Wall and  Prowess (19, 350m) on the Upper Wall. Both routes had long sections of engaging climbing on solid stone. Although we chose easier routes, these were no walk in the park and its fair to say dropping a few grades to get used to the place is good advice. Anyway, its an amazing spot and seriously underrated as a rock climbing destination. I’m looking forward to going back and sampling some of the harder lines and maybe adding a few while I’m at it – there’s  plenty to be done.

Walking up Cloudy Stream, Cloudy Peak in the distance. Photo: Steve Fortune.

Onslow on the left, Cloudy Peak and the Hourglass Wall on the right. Photo: Steve Fortune.

Climbing Ytivarg on the Hourglass Wall. Photo: Steve Fortune.

Climbing Prowess on the Upper Wall. Photo: Steve Fortune.


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