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written by Jess 

Welcome to Jamie’s room. This is where he trained, thought, planned, wrote, sorted out his gear and squirreled away all sorts of useful things that I thought we had thrown out.


I wasn’t allowed to go into this room, it was for manly-men only. Sometimes, when he was out, I would sneak in there and move a few things around, just to see if he would notice. He always noticed. Out of respect for Jamie I asked manly-man and fellow beer and climbing enthusiast Troy Mattingley to come and take some photos.


I’ve started going through some of his gear. I hadn’t realised the extent of what was in there, kind of reminds me of the Tardis. The list is long, but to name a few:

– 19 pairs of gloves
– 9 ropes
– infinite number of cams, quickdraws, ice screws and other things I can’t name
– 15 individual ice axes
– 9 pair of rock climbing shoes
– 6 harnesses

I remember Jamie returning home one day with another new jacket. I questioned why mountaineers needed so many when they could only wear one at a time. He didn’t think my question was worth a response. How was a climbing imbecile such as myself supposed to understand? I’m actually far more on to it than I ever let on. Looking at the jackets now I can see that there is:

– one for when it is wet
– one for when it is dry
– one for when it is cold and wet
– one for when it is warm but wet
– one for when it is cold but dry
– one for when it is warm and dry
– one for when you are climbing
– one for when you are belaying
– one for when you are approaching
– one for when you’re spending too much time in the tent when it’s raining outside
– one for when you are driving to the climb
– and of course, you have one for when you just want to look damn fine


It was me that told non-climbing friends and family that Jamie had been named the 2012 Canterbury Mountaineering Club Mountaineer of the year. He was humbled to have his name alongside so many who had been, unknowingly, inspiring and encouraging him over the years with their own stories, adventures and achievements.