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Written by Jess

I listened to interview recently about managing chronic pain using mindfulness. It was after listening to this that I realised this is how I have been managing not having Jamie around.

My anxiety is to with the future and my sadness is to do with the past. So if I just focus on what is happening right now I actually feel ok.

Jamie and I had discussed this a lot in the past. About how people get too caught up on what might happen and what has happened. We can’t change what has already been, and we have control over what might happen in the future. The most important thing is what is happening right this second.

P1000164Jamie Vinton-Boot, Farewell Spit, Aotearoa, January 2008



Written by Jess….. on behalf of Jamie

I can’t comment on climbing technique or rad peaks to climb. But I can make recommendations on a few other great things to enjoy in your down time. Jamie enjoyed so much of what the World offers. So I’ve noted down the things he would be chatting to you about if he were here.



The classic Twisted Ankle, by local brewery The Twisted Hop. Jamie first tried this back in 2006 and there was no going back. Then most recently he discovered the limited release of the Three Boys Coconut Milk Stout.

Letting his standards slip while in Central Otago, March 2011



Jamie spent a heck of a lot of time reading. Here are three books he had finished recently that he spoke so very highly of;

– The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

– In the Shadow of the Sun, by Ryszard Kapuściński

– Breath, by Tim Winton



Jamie wasn’t really much into fashion, but he was very much into supporting local and ethical businesses. Sadhana, Cactus, Earth Sea Sky, Chalky Digits, and Mister to name just a few.Image
Jamie in his favourite shirt by Sadhana, which he never wore because he didn’t want to ruin it. Not the best picture of him wearing it, but it is the only one I have. I do like it as it shows one his other true loves… food! December 2012


Films and/or Documentaries

There were quite a few! Generally he only made time for films that had come highly recommended from trust worthy friends. For most of you, he was your trustworthy friend, so you should make time for these.

– North of the Sun (Inge Wegge)

– Alone the Wilderness (Dick Proenneke)

– Soul Kitchen (Faith Akin)

– The Spanish Apartment (Cédric Klapisch)

– This is Her (Katie Wolfe)



On Jamie’s 25th Birthday I purchased him Moro – The Cook Book, by Sam and Sam Clark. On that very same day I managed to secure us a booking at their exclusive restaurant in central London. Over the years our love for these guys grew and we had been enjoying so many of their recipes from all of their books, including Moro East and Moro Casa.

Then just recently we discovered Yotam Ottolenghi and have so very much enjoyed his recipe book titled Plenty and the collaboration he did with Sami Tamimi titled Jerusalem.

Generally our main meal each day was a combination of recipes from one of the above and the Veg Everyday book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

In his element with his prized pizza oven, April 2013 



The uber talented Warren Maxwell was his all time favourite. His voice, lyrics and music ooze soul. For party times, something a little more up beat was on the cards. The funky Ed Solo and Skool of Thought would always be one to get Jamie dancing!



We got rid of the TV from the house 5 years ago. Jamie couldn’t stand the unproductive distraction that it offered. However, The River Cottage series by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was something that he would always make time for.



We hadn’t seen too much live theatre of late. But a piece we saw in London in 2009 called “Pictures from an Exhibition” was one that had always stuck with him. Plus he thought Scared Scriptless at the Court Theater in Christchurch was the best entertainment money could buy.


Visual Art

For someone who was so focused on the outdoors, it surprised me how passionate he was about art. For Jamie, art had to evoke emotion.

Graham Sydney was a favourite of his as he could relate to and connect with the landscape he painted.

In June of this year we happened upon the exhibition of works by Gregory Crewdson: In a Lonely Place. Jamie was stunned by his work and loved how involved it was.

He was also a very very big fan of anything produced by this guy:

Jamie also had a favourite dancer. If you knew Jamie well then I think you can figure out who this is.