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Out of respect for Jamie I’ve committed to living a great life

Written by Jess 

P1030085This is my favourite photo taken of Jamie and I. It was 2008, we were in Germany staying with a great friend, we had no fixed abode and exciting adventures ahead of us. We had not long had our camera and Jamie had just taught me how to use the self-timer function. We did not take into account the movement of the boat as we rushed to pose for the photo.

I’ve taken a lot of photos in the last 12 months. All using that self timer function. Each time I am reminded of that first photo and how great memories can be captured.

P1150084Late August, a little bit of light in a lot of dark

P1150443October, a break at Waimarama, Hawkes Bay 

P1150735November, adjusting

P1160320January, going ahead with planned plans at Cape Palliser, Wairarapa

P1170194March,completed projects at Waimea Tce

P1170384April, solo parenting

P1170647May, weekend fun

P1180516June, Wednesdays at Waimea Tce

P1180692July, Mahe’s resemblance to his father is uncanny

P1180713August, Midwinter at Waimea Tce 


And here we are, 365 days later. We have chosen to celebrate rather than commiserate, because to have not had Jamie in my life at all, would be a far worse outcome than anything. P1180863


P1180031Everyday I am totally psyched to; be alive, to dance my best, to have Mahe at my side, to enjoy every moment, to make my community a better place, to eat real and healthy food, to do more with less, to be me!   Jessica S. McLachlan, every day.