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Relativity; a theory or a way of life

Written by Jess 

Christmas (3 of 5)“We need to focus less on goals or endpoints and more on the process or journey …… no one is going to care what climbs I did or didn’t do when I pass away – they’ll remember the experiences they had with me” JVB, The Darrens, February 2008

Jamie was a great philosopher. About life, family, the future and the World. But you can’t be philosophical about death. Death is life and your experience in life is relative. 

I am no physicist, theorist, or philosopher. What I am, is a woman who is surviving an incomprehensible traumatic experience.

My feelings about my situation, Mahe’s future and what we have lost are relative to what we could have had.

When someone calls me to tell me that they have had the most terrible morning because the butter was too hard to spread without ripping the bread. I smile and nod down the phone, I think to myself, “ahhhhhhh relativity”.

And when you look at me and see some kind of super hero that is stronger than an ox and smarter than an octopus, remember that it is relative. You have not had this experience so you cannot comprehend that you might actually be ok if you found yourself in a similar situation. Your portrayal of me is only relative to what you know and what you have experienced in your own life.

And now it is Christmas and, relatively, I can’t imagine that I could ever have an enjoyable Christmas again. But then again, perhaps it will be relatively good.

Tea for two (1 of 1) 

And just as I finished writing these words I hear that there has been another death in the mountains. This time it’s the brother of a dear friend. Later I explain to someone that I had written some words but didn’t think it was timely to post on the web, they say to me “but Jess your perspective and writings are relative”. She had not a clue what I had just written about.