Take some steps with me

Written by Jess

On Wednesday my friends suggested I come with them to Castle Hill for the long weekend. Sure. No big deal. When Jamie and I first started courting I spent more than my fair share of time in and around the area. The second time I ever met Jamie, he was standing on Flock Hill, wearing a red singlet with the number 21 on it.

On Friday afternoon Mahe and I were standing in the middle of Quantum Field. I’d been there less than an hour and had already seen a number of familiar faces. The sun was shining and it was hot. Haaaannnnng on a minute, this isn’t right. This was not how Mahe’s first trip to the Hill was supposed to be. He was supposed to be here with his dad. In awe of his strength as he darted between boulders, crushing rocks, knee barring, mantling and heel hooking all over the place. Instead it’s just me, and I’m bumbling over flat boulders, shrieking every time my shoe slips.

Mahe at the hill MVB Castle Hill, February 2015

Step 2.

The longest step of my life.

We are at the playground in the Village. Some locals start chitchatting with me. Isn’t this such a great place, they said. We watch the kids in the morning and then we tag team out with our husbands in the afternoon, they said. We get to have such great adventures that way, they said. That’s what you’re doing too? they said. Yes, I said. That is exactly what I am doing, I said.

Jamie HIllJVB, Flock Hill, April 2011. Photo by Troy Mattingley


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