About Me

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Name: Jamie Vinton-Boot

D.O.B. 24 June 1983

Hometown: Christchurch

Simple goal: alpine first ascents


I started climbing when I was 17 and it has been the focus of my life ever since.  While I enjoy all forms of climbing, and the majority of my climbing has been rock climbing, my true passion is alpinism.

I have a burning desire to ascend mountains by the most challenging ways imaginable.  This has nothing to do with conquering summits.  It is about discovering what it means to be alive and to be human.  In no other environment do I face challenges so humbling and inspiring as I do in the mountains.  These experiences not only shape who I am, but allow me to contribute to society in a unique and positive way by demonstrating that even in the face of great difficulty there is always a way forward and that our greatest problems are in fact our greatest opportunities to learn and develop.

My simple goal is to climb first ascents at the cutting edge of alpinism, in New Zealand and overseas.  My first involvement in a first ascent was in the Darran Mountains with Derek Thatcher in 2008.  Derek is one of New Zealand’s strongest and most prolific rock climbers.  Derek had bolted an alpine rock project on the Mate’s Little Brother above Homer Tunnel.  To attempt it he needed a climbing partner  with a high level of technical skill to match his own.  When Derek asked me I was scared, excited and honored all at once.  We made the first ascent and named the route Revelations.  It has yet to be repeated.  This was the start of my first ascent career and I haven’t looked back since.

Alpine first ascents do not come easily.  Either they are technically demanding or highly committing, or both.  To attempt them requires a high level of technical skill, superb fitness, and unwavering mental fortitude.  Few people have all of these qualities and are willing to apply them in the alpine environment.  I am one of the lucky few.  To have this opportunity is both a privilege and a responsibility.  A responsibility to keep the fundamental spirit of alpinism alive – the pursuit of the impossible and the unknown.


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