My training philosophy:

  • Go alpine climbing as much as possible
  • Go rock climbing or bouldering as much as possible
  • Climb outside after work during summer, indoors during winter
  • Focus training on my weakest link
  • Build variety into my training
  • Be prepared for anything and everything i.e. study books, maps, route descriptions, photos.
  • Eat a well balanced diet rich in whole food and don’t drink too much
  • Set realistic and measurable goals and enjoy the process of achieving them

    My approach to training for alpinism is simple – go climbing.  Climbing is the best type of training for climbing.  I’ve arranged to work a 9 day fortnight so I have every second friday off.  This means I can attempt alpine projects a little bit further from the road end.

    On stormy weekends in the mountains I work on personal first ascent projects at crags in the Port Hills.  Or go bouldering at Castle Hill.  Rock climbing at local crags is the best way for me to improve my technical skills.  These skills are my weakest link relative to  my physical fitness, and mental fitness.

    During the week I climb at my local crags after work when its light enough, usually two nights a week.  In the winter months I climb indoors.

    I make sure I build variety into my training to avoid plateaus and stagnation.  Basically this means I don’t do one thing for too long.

    For physical fitness I cycle most places, go hill running and walk fast to the crag.  My foundation of physical fitness is very strong from so many years of outdoor adventure.

    For mental fitness I read books about climbing and also motivational and philosophical books.  I am particularly interested in zen buddhism and eastern philosophy.

    I like to eat well.  To me eating well means a well balanced diet with lots of whole food.  This is especially critical in the build up and during trips to the mountains when I need a lot of extra calories.


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